The Checkmat Jiu Jitsu organization is one of the best yet also one of the youngest teams among the juggernauts of BJJ. The team appeared in 2008 after a break up between, the Vieira Brothers and the board of their previous team, Brasa. Though Checkmat is still in its embryonic stage, they have hit the ground running and quickly stacked up medals at some of the world’s most important tournaments, while consistently pouring to the Jiu Jitsu stream excellent quality black belts such as Marcus Almeida “Buchecha”, Antonio Carlos and Joao Assis (to name a few). The Checkmat organization has also spread fast throughout the world having already franchises in at least 16 different countries.

How Checkmat Started

The team was founded by two brothers, Leonardo Vieira and Ricardo Vieira. Both of whom belonged to an elite generation of BJJ competitors raised under the Alliance team camp in the late 1990’s. After a series of quarrels between the team and the main Alliance coach (Fabio Gurgel) many of the fighters who belonged to this famous formation were expelled from the group (in 2002), which propelled this gang of “Ronin” to form their own academy, “Brasa”, a team that had Ricardo and “Leo” on board also. The Brasa team command was divided among a few of these fighters and according to the Vieira brothers lacked serious leadership and direction, for those reasons they decided to break their bond with Brasa and launched their own endeavor, the Checkmat team which was founded in 2008.

Checkmat BJJ in Detail

Name Checkmat
Team Lineage Academia Gracie > Alliance Jiu Jitsu > Brasa > Checkmat
Founded 2008
Founder(s) Ricardo Vieira / Leonardo Vieira
Directors Ricardo Vieira / Francisco Mendes / Sebastian Lalli / Leandro Vieira
First Black Belt(s) n/a
Official Website

Main Academy (Rio de Janeiro):
Fight Zone – Rua Francisco Sa, 36 – Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro

Main Academy (Sao Paulo Capital):
Academia Bodytech – Rua Atílio Innocenti 870, Vila Olímpia, São Paulo

Main Academy (Sao Paulo Int):
Fight Rua sete de setembro, 10 – Botucatu

Prominent Fighters:

Our Canadian Teams currently include:

- Ryan’s MMA- Checkmat Vancouver in Richmond BC (Main Location)

- United MMA in Tsawwassen BC  

- Squamish MMA in Squamish BC.

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