Why Choose us Over Other MMA Gyms?


MMA has surged in popularity over the past decade. As a result, MMA gyms seem to be popping up all over the place. But unfortunately, the truth is that many of these gyms are out to make an easy buck and lack proper instructors.

How are we different at Checkmat Vancouver? For one, we have a roster of active, professional MMA fighters who either train or teach at our gym. This roster includes some of the best fighters in Canada, like Arjan Bhullar, who continues his undefeated record in the UFC. So when you train at Checkmat, you know you’re getting some of the highest quality instruction available.

Furthermore, at Checkmat we train all three major aspects of MMA – striking (kickboxing, muai thai, boxing), wrestling, and jiu jitsu. Many other places focus on a single discipline, which sucks if you want to learn everything or aren’t sure which discipline you want to pursue.

Finally, we are known for our friendly and inclusive environment. All of us are here to learn, get better, and help each other become better martial artists, whether it be to compete, stay in shape, or simply push yourself. We don’t tolerate people who come into the gym to hurt others.

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