Tristan Connelly



Tristan is an active MMA Fighter who’s recent win over Shawn Albrecht was done in devastating fashion in the very first round. A brutal onslaught of elbows stopped his opponent in his tracks and brought his record to 5-4. Tristan has quickly accepted another fight in September 2015 for BFL and will drop to 145 to face Jeremy Kennedy for the strap. A hard working athlete who is always pushing the fighters, he’s an asset to have on our coaching team.

Vicente Mabanta



Coach Vince is a highly ranked 4 stripe Adam Ryan Purple Belt… which is equivalent to most 4 stripe brown belts at other gyms. Vince is an avid striker, awesome grappler, and runs a crazy strength and conditioning class. He’s super patient with people new to the sport and can get you dialed in quickly.

Arjan Bhullar


Arjan Bhullar is an Olympic Freestyle Wrestler turned Pro MMA Fighter. He is a Commonwealth Gold Medal Champion (2010), and an undefeated heavyweight MMA Fighter. Arjan operates the Bhullar Wrestling Club, and is active in the Wrestling Community as a Coach and Mentor.

Birinder Kahlon



Birinder is a Checkmat Vancouver Adam Ryan Purple Belt. He’s a no-gi specialist, but uses his unique style and movement and flows smoothly in a gi as well. He’s great with new students who need to learn how to move and feel the leverage their opponents are giving.


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